Our people

Hilary Geoghegan

Hilary is the Director of Engaging Environments and Professor of Geography at the University of Reading with long-standing interests in emotional geographies, cultures of enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise. She is a new mum.

Joyce Ternerge

Joyce is the Project Officer of Engaging Environments. She has a BTech. degree in Geology and an MSc in Environment and Development from the University of Edinburgh. She has carried out research on air quality in Kathmandu and understanding climate-induced herder-farmer conflicts in Nigeria. She is a mother to a young son and daughter.

Erinma Ochu

Erinma is Storytelling Lead and Co-Investigator for Engaging Environments and Wallscourt Associate Professor of Immersive Media in the College of Art, Technology and Environment at University of West England. Building on a background in neuroscience, storytelling and emerging technologies, Erinma’s transdisciplinary research is focused on generating a planetary agenda, #PastCarbonFutures.

Cecilia Medupin

Cecilia is a Co-Investigator for Engaging Environments and is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Manchester, specialising in freshwater ecology. Cecilia is passionate about citizen science as a way of engaging students, women and minority communities, and is convener of the Women in Environmental Science network.

Jane Delany

Jane is a Co-Investigator for Engaging Environments, Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University and Head of the Dove Marine Laboratory. Jane’s expertise is in marine ecology and citizen science, bringing these together to co-create participatory marine environmental research projects and public engagement activities.

Danielle Robinson

Danielle is a Research Associate for Engaging Environments, an early career marine social scientist, and post-doctoral researcher at Newcastle. Danielle is passionate about evoking positive change in the marine environment through holistic and community-inclusive approaches.

Heather Sugden

Heather is a Co-Investigator for Engaging Environments and Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University. Heather is a community ecologist with expertise in marine bethnic habitats, with additional expertise in citizen science which engages local communities to inspire and promote stewardship of our marine environment.

Anita Shervington

Anita is a community science and cultural organiser in Birmingham. She is Director of BLAST Fest; a pop-up festival and engagement platform that fuses the collective power of science, social justice, Black arts and culture, and creativity, as a force for change. Anita’s background includes community development, maternal nutrition and health, women’s civic leadership, and heritage and culture. Her work is focused on ownership, belonging, community leadership and philanthropy, within the context of systems change, collective liberation and regenerative development.

Muki Haklay

Muki is a Co-Investigator for Engaging Environments and Professor of Geographic Information Science in the Department of Geography at University College London. Muki is renowned for his work in citizen science and is the Co-Director of Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS) at UCL, which is dedicated to allowing any community, regardless of literacy, to use scientific methods and tools to collect, analyse, interpret and use information about their area and activities.

Nadia Dewhurst-Richman

Nadia is an interdisciplinary postdoctoral researcher in the ExCiteS research group at University College London. Nadia has interests spanning citizen science, human behaviour, social psychology, digital marketing and conservation science.

Sarah Staunton-Lamb

Sarah is Senior Learning and Engagement Manager at Earthwatch Institute. Sarah has over 25 years’ experience working in the environmental and education sector and leads Earthwatch’s work with young scientists, early career researchers, and teachers.

Katrin Nolland

Katrin is Programme Manager for Capacity Development and Corporate Learning at Earthwatch Europe.

Cindy Regalado

Cindy is the Project Evaluator for Engaging Environments and Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tekiu Ltd. Cindy is an entrepreneur and researcher with many years’ experience in environmental monitoring, social policy, community development, programme monitoring and evaluation, and public engagement in science and technology.

Matt Burrows

Matt is the Policy and Communications Officer of Engaging Environments at the University of Reading and has a background in communications and public relations.